Welcome to Hudson View Dental

Providing a functional and

beautiful smile with a gentle

and compassionate touch

Welcome to Hudson View Dental

Caring for all your

family's dental needs.

Welcome to Hudson View Dental

Creating vibrant smiles

for Healthy Lifestyles!

Welcome to Hudson View Dental

Exceptional Cosmetic

Dentistry Services

and Our Team of Professionals

Hudson View Dental Team
At Hudson View Dental, we treat our patients like family. We are committed to restoring and maintaining your dental health while providing you with a beautiful smile. From the moment you enter our state-of-the-art office, you are met with a friendly and informative staff that is here to help support you in every way they can. While in one of our treatment rooms overlooking the Hudson River, Dr. Ruba helps guide you towards the best treatment plan by diagnosing and prioritizing what is needed. She understands that everyone has different needs and unique situations. Dr. Ruba strives to work with every patient to ensure they receive optimal oral health with a bright and confident smile.


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